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ADI, Inc., is a value-added electric wire and cable distributor based in Chanute, Kansas, with customers world-wide. Because we are so willing and able to help customers with their specific requirements, we have enjoyed relationships with customers who have trusted us for over twenty years. We personalize service, customize solutions, and guarantee quality on a wide variety of products. If you cannot find the item you desire on this site, please call, and we’ll consult our extensive network of suppliers.Our competitors may offer either 500 feet or 1,000 feet to a customer who needs 653 feet. We’ll provide 653 feet. Exact amounts free up your money that would otherwise be tied up in unused inventory. This is one benefit of our flexible customer service; we’ll be less expensive and easier to work with. We carry a full line of products for the categories shown above, as well as special orders. We also have specialty machines for the bonding of wires for multi-colored ribbon cable type products and striping machines for parallel and spiral stripes. Our company also has a battery cable assembly department to build custom products per your specifications.

ADI has been family owned and operated since Merrill Cunningham founded it in 1990. His wife, Wendy, works as Office Manager, while his son, Scott, leads as CEO. Scott’s wife, Staci, runs Accounting. You can be sure that ADI offers personal care. We can even deliver to our customers within a 150-mile radius. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. ADI, Inc., is a certified respooler with the Underwriters Laboratories number E146138, undergoing regular inspections by UL Representatives.

Click to request a quote online, or you may call our toll-free number to speak with a consultant:


Expertise, machinery, and supply networks create unique solutions beyond what is shown in our hundreds of products.


We will help discover the best packaging and delivery method even bringing it to you ourselves within a 150-mile radius.

Buywirebanner4ADIWIRE also has a small online store at buywireonline.com for individuals who prefer to shop online. There you can shop some of our more common items in small quantities. If your business regularly uses wire we would encourage you to contact ADI for the most current pricing and service options.