Specialty products

ADI, Inc., provides many specialty items for our customers, and there may be something we can do for your needs. We produce specialty battery cable assemblies per our customer’s specifications with a variety of terminals and posts. These are cut, assembled, and packaged per our customers requests.

We have spiral and parallel striping equipment to supply striped single conductor and multi-wire combinations per customer needs and packaged per customer requests.

As we respool and package our products, we fill our customers’ orders as required. Your spool size requests can be achieved.

We at ADI, Inc., have several bonded wire machines to produce your specific requirements. We have our standard color patterns but most of our customers have special needs. As a customer, you can call, fax, or e-mail your requirements to us. You can ask for special color combinations and wire styles. After we receive your request, we will quote your requirements. If you need assistance in the design of what you would like your product to do, contact us. We would be glad to assist you with your requirements and help with your design. Many combinations are possible including striped and then bonded, multiple sizes and types bonded together and any color combination needed. We will be happy to try a sample of any combination you can think of to see if it is possible and let you know our findings.

We also have many different packing options for you to choose from, delivering to your door in a way that best suits your needs – from bulk orders to small spools that need to be distributed – whatever you require to meet your needs.

Just because we do not have something listed, do not be afraid to ask us for special products. We enjoy an extensive supplier list, as well as strong contacts throughout the industry that have enabled us to meet the needs of our customers as they arise. Give us a try, and see if we can do the legwork for you.

ADI, Inc., is a recognized UL certified respooler. We have our own UL labels and receive regular inspections by a UL representative. We would like an opportunity to serve you. We take pride in servicing our customers’ needs and would like to add you to our respected list.

Please make any requests on our Quote page or call our office at 1-800-521-6001.