If you need assembly work done to turn your wire into working parts, let ADI do it for you. We have the ability to cut and strip wire to custom specifications, add terminals to the ends, solder dip, and create harness assemblies. We have the ability to take your drawing and sample and turn it into a delivered, ready-to-use product for your needs. We also have a battery cable assembly department, creating custom cables to your specifications. We use a press to ensure our battery cable ends are crimped secure and ready for long-term use.

Bonding. At ADI we have custom bonding machines that use a heat process to bind together PVC wires. These runs can be done in any color and size combinations within approximately one inch in width. We can also run them in 500-foot quantities or more. Our bonding process allows our wire to be split backward, leaving a full jacket of insulation in tact. We use only our thermal process on our machines; no overcoat process is used, keeping the original factory O.D..

Dyeing. At ADI we have the ability to change the color of PVC wire to meet your needs. If there is a special shade of color you need to complete a specific project, ADI can color it for you. Through our dye process, we can widen the spectrum of colors available above and beyond that of factory wire. Also, if your company discontinues a certain color of wire, and changing it to another color would allow it to still be used, let us dye it for you. We have a collection of inks that can turn the color of one wire to another. Just tell us what color you have, and we can use our color change hierarchy scale to give you options on how to recolor the wire.

Printing. ADI has the ability to print any letters on you wire for custom identification. If you want wires labeled with instructions, locations, or your company name, we can do it for you. Our ink jet printing machine can print in many colors and sizes to meet your needs. We will also print in quantities of 500 ft. or more.

Striping. We have two types of striping machines at ADI: spiral and parallel. Our spiral striping machine can put between one and three stripes per pass on the wire in a wide variety of colors. Our parallel striping machine can put one or two linear stripes on wire also in a variety of colors. We will also stripe in quantities of 500 ft. or more. All striping can be used to further distinguish wires for identification purposes.