An efficient hand tool for fastening cable ties.  Tighten and cut off excessive length in a single, simple action.  Adjustable tension control ensures accuracy for different tensile strengths.  Designed for ties up to 50 lbs (0.19” widths).

Designed for heavy-duty ties of 120+lb tensile strength.  Constructed of 100% metal, this durable hand tool will tighten and cut off excessive length.  Heavy-duty ties are securely fastened.

A high quality crimping tool, specifically designed for use with UR, UY, and UB telecom connectors. Features parallel crimping action at point of contact for the most secure crimp for these telecom connections.  Also suitable for use with crimp terminals.  5 1/2″ total length.

An affordable, 4 way crimping/stripping tool designed for use with 22-10 AWG terminal and connectors.  This tool can be used with crimp items, and features color coded crimp teeth and AWG-numbered wire strippers for fast and accurate crimping and stripping.  8″ total length.

Wire connector sockets attach to a standard 1/4″ hexbit of conventional power tools, allowing for quick twist-on fastening of winged and spring-wired wire connectors.  No more laborious manual twisting by hand!

Sockets (left to right) available for 

O-F, Y, R
11, 12, 13, 15, 99